1.9 TDI Pumpe Düse

TDI-PD = Pumpe Düse

1.9 VW TDI Pumpe Düse

Pumpe Düse is a new fuel management and delivery system that places a pump injector at each individual cylinder producing a finer spray for better and more efficient combustion. Instead of a pre-combustion chamber found in most diesels, fuel is injected directly into each individual combustion chamber under terrific pressure at precisely the right moment.

The PD works like an overhead cam system, using cam lobes to determine the timing and amount of the spray into each cylinder. The new system reduces heat loss, results in a quieter, cleaner engine, faster cold weather starts and improved low-end torque.

A diesel engine with the PD pump injection system has the following advantages over an engine with a distributor injection pump such as found on the original 1.9L TDI engine.

It has:

* Lower combustion noise

* Better fuel economy

* Cleaner emissions

* Higher performance and efficiency

* The greatly increased fuel economy and low end torque of the TDI creates an awesome driving experience! The 1.9L TDI-PD generates 130 hp, 28-34 MPG and over 200 ft/lbs of torque!