Syncro Westfalia Pop-Top Conversion


Here is our new project, this 87′ Vanagon Syncro is getting a Pop-Top Conversion here at Transporter Werks. The Hippie Van in the background has donated it’s roof to the project.

After Donation

The Hippie Van after roof was removed. We will strip all the other usable parts, some of them will find their way onto to our Ebay parts store

Roof Skin Removal

Taylor was smiling before starting to separate the roof skin from the pillars. After having to drill out almost 200 spot welds he was no longer smiling

New Sunroof

The roof was cut out in sections and the center cross member removed to be replaced by the flat topped version from the donor Westy. Many more pictures can be found on our Facebook page

New Roof Test Fit2

After test fitting the new roof skin Taylor has trimmed the edges and is preparing to start welding. Look for future updates here and in the Syncro Westfalia Conversion album on facebook.




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  1. Would like to see more pix of Taylor’s conversion – but none of those photos show up on Facebook. Do I need to “Like” or send a Friend request?

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