Another happy customer enjoys their vehicle.

One of the wonderful things about getting a person’s beloved car back on the road is their joy and appreciation when it’s complete. Thank you for this amazing review, Bob and Angela!

“We owe you a long overdue thanks for getting our VW van back in service.

We had been to many other mechanics, both local and wherever we got stranded, and had about given up on ever having her run dependably again. That was sad to us, we had gone many a mile and had many wonderful camping adventures since we bought her off of ebay, for a steal, in 2002. But, no one could find the reason for the on again off again ability to start and the ability to start was more and more off; she had mostly set in the driveway or been in someones shop since August of 2011. We had been stranded too many times and the costs for trying to solve the problem had gone beyond reasonable, but we just couldn’t let go. So glad we heard good things about you from our “VW” friends and took their advice to get it to you way up in Raleigh. We are also very glad we took a leap of faith and had you restore the steering and suspension (and some other “touches”) in addition to the engine, fuel system work you recommended. We wrestled with spending additional money before we were sure you could get it “dependable”.

When you and the crew were done she had never run better or quieter and we had to hold her back on the highway; handled like we didn’t think possible. For the first week we held our breath every time we started her up. The next week we stated to gradually transition to taking it for granted she would start. We meant to wait a few months to make sure our VW Van was still starting and running before we gave you our hearty and well deserved thanks (we had too many short lived “fixes” to thank you too soon). Time slipped away, we have had many great camping/backpacking trips in our “new” van. It hit us that it has been a year and all is well.

Sorry this is so late, but thanks so much to you and the crew. We highly recommend you to all our fellow VW van enthusiasts. We would have saved money had we gotten her to you earlier.

Thanks again.”


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