1991 Vanagon Westfalia Restoration

1991 Syncro Vanagon restoration in progress

Another TW Syncro restoration.

-Rust repair.
-Full exterior paint job.
-Full custom suspension modifications.
-Lift springs.
-Fox shocks.
-All-terrain tires on 16 inch steel wheels.
-Custom modified front fender wells for larger tires.
-South African grille kit (to be added).
-Subaru (ultra rare, ultra powerful) turbo-diesel. One of just a few Subaru diesel-powered Vanagons in the US.
-Custom gearing to accommodate Subaru engine with transmission cooler.
-Porsche 930 CV joints and chromoly axles in the rear.
-Removed drum brake system from the rear and added custom brake system (discs for the back and bigger discs for the front) for better stopping power.
-Completely rebuilt front suspension using T3 technique European bushings.


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