Estimate Policy

At Transporter Werks we are dedicated to providing all our customers with excellent service. In order to achieve this, we insist that all of our customers agree to the following estimate policy for everyone’s protection.

Before work begins on your vehicle, you will be asked if you want an estimate. If you do not want a written estimate, you must sign an “Estimate Waiver”.

Otherwise, you will be given an estimate based on a comprehensive overview of your vehicle. The estimate must be signed and returned before any work on your vehicle begins. In addition, a deposit may be required depending on the size of the job. If your repair estimate is more than 10 hours of labor, a deposit covering all parts and half the labor must be prepaid. Our estimates are written based on our more than 20 years experience of working on vintage (defined as anything 10 yrs or older) vehicles. However, depending on the age of your vehicle, unforeseen problems, such as hidden rust or rot, may add additional time or parts cost to your estimate.

For this reason, we ask that once work begins on your vehicle you remain in contact with us so we can alert you to any additional costs. We provide a time frame for completion of work subject to part availability. In order to stay within our time frame and keep our shop running efficiently, we ask that you provide us with as many contact phone numbers as possible (email also works well) and that you return any phone calls to us as soon as possible, preferably within 2 hours.

If for any reason you do not remain in contact with us, your repair work may be halted, returned to the end of our priority list, and your vehicle will be subject to a storage fee after 2 weeks.