Body and Paint

Beautiful, show-stopping paint can really define a restoration–it becomes the final statement. Transporter Werks uses the best paint possible, usually DuPont Base Clear.  DuPont paint lays on smoothly and holds up the longest.  Not to mention, DuPont paints add a deep, gorgeous luster to any color you choose.  Chris Bond, our painter has many years of experience and the expertise to deliver a long lasting, durable paint job.

Every car we see has a different history told by  multiple layers of paint, Bondo, patchwork, and RUST.

Usually, it is necessary to strip the body down to bare metal. Only then can we see a true story of the car and understand the extent of the work needed.

After stripping, we replace or repair any rust or accident damage.  Next, we start the body refinishing process–this includes filling with quality fillers and at least three coats of quality primer. Body work is a time consuming process….in some cases straightening panels, fixing small dents, and making sure all door and hood seams fit as they should.

Finally, we lay the paint–at least three coats of color with finish sanding between coats.  Lastly, we apply three coats of clear coat to give the paint that deep luster and protection it deserves.