Porsche Aircooled

You air-cooled Porsche® specialists.

We offer full maintenance and repair services for air-cooled 356, 911, 912 and 914 Porsches®. From tune ups and brake work to engine rebuilds and interior makeovers, we can renew your Porsche®.

Some people say a Porsche® is a fancy Volkswagen®. At Transporter Werks, we respect Porsches® for the quality engineered cars that they are. Although designed by some of the same minds who first worked up VWs, Porsches contain some advanced engineering that resolved many of the typical VW problems.

Our mechanics enjoy working on Porsches because of vehicle quality, and the complexity of Porsche design allows for better overall performance. Even today’s aftermarket parts have maintained very high standards. We know when original parts are neccessary to maintain Porsche value and when they are nothing more than an expensive option.

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