Restoration reality

We have created this guide to educate prospective clients as to what a restoration realistically entails and what Transporter Werks philosophy is when it comes to restorations. We take exceptional pride in our VW restorations. These typically involve hundreds of hours of work. The only way to restore a vehicle is to replace metal-not fill it with inches of bondo and other compounds. Metal fabrication is clearly the best option that can restore a vehicle’s integrity to new condition and specs. Quality metal craftsmanship is a time consuming art form that not only involves precise fitment but repeated heating, stretching and massaging of the material to create a panel or repair that is as close as possible to the original vehicle.

Our restorations start at $35,000 and take approximately a year to complete, sometimes longer sometimes less. A restoration is a serious commitment for both the customer and business alike. All parties need to be in agreement as to the realistic condition of the vehicle upon initial inspection.

That being said, it can still be hard to predict how much time it may take to complete a restoration.

Rust is one of those variables that that can make it hard to determine the extent of the rust damage until we actually get inside.

If quality is your ambition and you want to do it properly, we need you to commit to a full restoration. If we are forced to stop in the middle of the restoration, we cannot guarantee the work since it was not completed here.

We employ tried and trued methodologies that have been perfected over the years.

While we do some media blasting in house, we have had bad experiences outsourcing this work to shops. We do what is necessary in house to maintain our quality standards.

Body and paint can take anywhere from 150-300 hours depending on vehicle-sometimes more.