TW Full LED Headlight Kit



This kit includes both of our outer and inner LED headlight kits to pair perfectly for a full headlamp upgrade with an option to purchase separately. The brightness of your headlights would go from the original halogen headlamps throwing 700 Lumens to over 8600 Lumens in these upgraded LED headlamps and spotlights.

Outer: These are 7″ diameter drop-in headlight fixtures using the latest in LED technology (four 10W CREE LED’s per headlight) to replace your worn out and dim incandescent ones. They not only look really cool, but also use less electrical power while producing more light intensity. One of the LED headlight fixtures in high beam mode generates 3600 Lumens of light, which is equivalent to the light output of a regular 180W halogen light bulb, i.e. more light than your regular incandescent headlights could ever produce. The two outer headlight fixtures contain an amber “Halo Angel Eye” ring as flashing turn signal. They are water proof (IP67 i.e. water immersion up to 1m depth), DOT approved and are rated with a lifespan of 30,000 hours. Installation is straight forward (wiring harness with instructions supplied).

**These round headlights are drop-in fixtures for stock 1980-1985 Vanagons or 1986-1991 Vanagons with South African grill conversions.**

Inner: For you Vanagon owners with South African grill conversions, we have 6″ diameter LED spot lights available now, which fit perfectly as inner headlight fixtures. These spotlights are even brighter than the outer headlights in high beam mode. Their light output is 5000 Lumens (twelve 5W CREE LED’s per spotlight) with the same ratings as the headlights above (IPC67 waterproof and 30,000 hours lifespan). They are so bright, that you don’t want to directly look at them. The center “X” is wired as an amber flashing turn signal. These spotlight fixtures are custom modified and come with custom brackets, installation hardware and installation instructions.


Each set is tested prior to leaving our facility to ensure they are in proper working order.


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