Body and Paint

Vanagon Paint Restoration

Paint and quality are not synonymous, higher quality paint and body finish really do define any restoration–it becomes the final statement. Transporter Werks ensures the best paint is being used for your paint restoration. We are working with one of the best automotive paint shops in the area. They have years of experience painting vintage cars and our Vanagons. They deliver nothing but true quality.

Removing years of old paint can often reveal rust and dents. Unfortunately these vehicles often also have generations of rust, structural damage, and failed repair attempts. We’ve named these jobs “Rustorations” due to the enormous undertaking it can be to restore these treasures back into driving shape let alone showroom shape. Paint restoration is not just for cosmetic purposes but for safety as well. We take our restoration jobs seriously, because often times, body repair work affects the structural integrity of a vehicle. If the job is performed improperly, the safety of the passengers is at stake.

 From floor pan replacement, to body panel repair and reconstruction, to complete frame-off restorations, we pride ourselves on the quality of our body work and stand behind the aftermarket body parts we use. During a Vanagon restoration we will work directly with you on the exterior finish and paint color of your van. Whether you want a single color or a two tone color combination, we can offer many different colors or one of your choosing to finish you paint restoration.

Paint Restoration
Body Work
Refine & Paint

Every car we see has a different history told by multiple layers of paint, Bondo, patchwork, and RUST. Usually, it is necessary to strip the body down to bare metal. Only then can we see a true story of the car and understand the extent of the work needed. Before the van leaves for the body shop we ensure the vehicle is rust free and the proper rust-proofing paint has been applied to multiple areas on the Vanagon. 

Paint Restoration

Just an example of the many color options for you Vanagon

Guinea Blue (LH5K)
Medium Blue (LH5G)
Timor Beige (LH8T)
Agate Brown (L86Z)
Brilliant Orange (L20B)
Dove Blue Metallic (LH5U)
Capri Blue (LK5E)
Cornat Blue (LH5H)
Samos Beige (LH1N)
Guinea Blue (LH5K)
Bamboo Yellow (LH1B)
Orly Blue Metallic (LP5Z)
Savannah Beige Metallic (LH1V)
Monaco Blue (LA5D)
Pastel White (L90D)
Tuscany Beige (LT1M)
Marsala Red (LH3D)
Escorial Green (LT6A)
Flash Silver Metallic (LP7Y)
Titan Red Metallic (LB3V)
Kurilian Blue (LH5T)
Tuscany Beige (LT1M)
Aswan Brown (LH8B)
Tornado Red (L73D)
Star-Blue Metallic (LD5T)
Tuscany Beige (LT1M)
Bordeaux Red Pearl (LC3Y)

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