Custom Fabrication

Transporter Werks specializes in custom fabrication and welding. We are limited only by your imagination. From window storage boxes, custom headlight kits, and battery upgrades, to custom bumpers, rock sliders, and swing arms, we do it all. In its factory form, the Vanagon is a pretty amazing and timely setup. But now, 30 plus years later, the Vanagon owner’s needs and desires have definitely changed. We offer custom outfitting and modifications like no other restoration shop around.

Customized For You

Built By Us

The quality of our products is beyond what you will find with many mass-produced products. Each piece we offer is hand-built in our shop. We understand vans are compact and we try to utilize every nook and cranny, extra storage space is important. Our technicians can design and produce many parts that separate your van from the rest. Along with having the ability to produce custom parts within our facility, we also offer special touches for your restoration upon request.

If you are tired of all those chunky bumper options out there on the market, we now offer something a bit more sleek. Options Include, tire carriers ladders, bike racks, tables, fuel and water storage and a lot more. The matching rock sliders can be fitted with rock lights and a ladder. The bumpers can include lighting, skid guards, and mounting accessories, with the option to powder coat front bumpers and rear bumpers to a color of your choosing.

Made in house to order, call for pricing.

Made from aluminum and powder coated to a color of your choosing. We produce spare tire carriers and accessory racks for the back of your Vanagon. The accessories are fitted onto these racks and carriers. They can be customized to carry or mount any of your gear. From water and gasoline RotopaX containers to small compartments. They have the ability to mount coolers, bike racks, or propane tanks. With almost any option available, we will work directly with you to produce a high quality and detailed system that is specifically made for your van.

Made in house to order, call for pricing.

We can work with you on building one-off designs for many different aspects of your van. Customization combined with our high-quality restorations can produce a Vanagon that is uniquely yours. We provide custom-built components that will set you apart from others in terms of reliability, quality, and design. If you have a design idea in mind and want something unique, give us a call. We would love to work with you to bring your idea into reality.

Custom fabrication is billed by the hour. We can only provide rough estimates based on time and parts costs.