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Who is Transporter Werks?

About Us

Who Is Transporter Werks?

Sean Fraser

Owner & Vanagon Restoration Specialist.

Kevin Spina

Metal Fabrication Expert & Welding Specialist.

Barry Pilcher

Fabricator & Mechanic.

Who is Transporter Werks?

Who is Transporter Werks? We are a Vanagon restoration shop and have over 25 years experience in caring for VWs and can service all of your Vanagon needs. We specialize in full restorations and engine conversions. Our shop is staffed by lifelong enthusiasts who have become excellent mechanics and are well connected with people, parts and services. We pride ourselves on our customer service. We value our customers–most of our new customers come from referrals and word of mouth is our best advertising tool. 

We are NOT THE DEALER! We like our customers to be well informed in order to allow them to make the best decisions about their vehicles. From our customer call in phone service to our extensive authenticity research, we try our best to answer every question and help our customers feel confident about the safety, performance, and authenticity of their vehicles. No project is too small or to large for us to tackle and we are always excited to work on your Vanagon! 

How did Transporter Werks get started?

Sean Fraser established Transporter Werks in 1995. He always had an interest for VWs, dating back to 1986 when he bought his first car–a 1969 auto stick. At that time, he didn’t have the money to pay for the mechanical care of the car so he was forced to teach himself. One thing led to another, and he fell in love! Before establishing Transporter Werks, Sean was studying to become a biology teacher and was supporting himself by working on VWs on the side. 

After a while, his interest in running a shop and working for himself became increasingly harder to ignore. Sean decided to rent a small indoor space in the back of Transporter Werk’s original shop. Over the past 25 years, Transporter Werks has grown substantially, including a recent move this summer 2019 to Dunn, NC. We now work out of over 14,000 sqft of warehouse space with an additional property for vehicle storage. With this move, we are working on how we want to expand the business further.

Where are we?

We’re located in downtown Dunn off of Highway 421, just across from Miller NAPA and only a few minutes off of Interstate 95. Feel free to stop by if you are in the neighborhood. View Map.