New LED Halo Outer Headlights


TW tested and approved!

Note from the owner Sean Fraser,


I drive a Vanagon almost every day, commuting about 70 miles round trip on dark back roads. After testing many different 7 inch lighting systems I find these to be the best lighting for the price. They are not just a lighting upgrade; they are truly impressive.  We test every product that we sell and are always searching for the best.

A perfect fit for Vanagons with round headlights. LED bulbs give the driver the visibility of a modern car, without compromising the classic look.

The white halo running lights are a great accent to the van’s front end. Amber halos with turn signal wiring make sure your turn signals are clearly visible to other drivers, and 10000/7000 Lumen high/low beam projectors illuminate everything ahead of your van. The cutoff line above and below the projector ensures these lights are non-invasive to other drivers, while maintaining a bright, uniform beam pattern.

These lights are fully DOT-approved, with 6000k LED White Light projectors, and bright amber and white halos. The polycarbonate lenses are anti-yellowing and impact resistant. The headlight unit is rated IP67 waterproof.

Wiring connections are modified in-house for direct fitment to your Vanagon.

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