Headlight Kit For South African Grille



This Kit includes: VisionX 7″ and Baja Design LP4 LED or Inner X lights, with an option to purchase just the Baja Design LP4s.

Every part of the Vision X headlight is DOT Compliant. There’s also E-MARK and ADR models available, just in case you from another corner of the world. 2,947 Effective Lumens.

The LP4  features a total of 8,750 lumens and a 200° spread of useable LED light. This light pumps out 7,050 forward projecting lumens and 1,700 lumens of dedicated peripheral lighting from patented Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT). To keep your light performing at its highest potential, the LP4 integrates proprietary Direct Ducted Cooling (DDC) technology. This feature allows air to travel through the front of the housing, over the rear heat sinks – drastically improving cooling capacity and performance. With an amber day-time running light, the LP4 will fulfill all your lighting needs. We offer these products as a kit, but are available separately. DOES *NOT* INCLUDE SOUTH AFRICAN GRILLE!

Included with mounts designed and made at TW, the light can be adjusted freely left, right, upwards and down, as well as inward and outward. This means that the fog lights can be recessed into the grille for a low-profile look or mounted more outward to maximize peripheral lighting.

Vision X LP4 kit

Baja Design LP4, Vision X & Inner x LED, Vision X & LP4


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